Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Today is a gift

Today is a Gift
Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, TODAY IS A GIFT, That's why it's called the present.
This is on Bethany's blogsite. I like it so I copied it. Her blog is: http://bethaney-todayisagift.blogspot.com/
She likes visitors.

New Beginnings

Today is the "First Day of the Rest of my Life."
If I don't start a blog now, then when?? I
am using my picture of me when I was a
Fairy God Mother for Halloween. At work at
JCPenney's, we had to dress up and this is
what I chose one year. Since I am
a grandmother 8 times over, I prefer to
be known as the Fairy Grand Mother. [We will see how many of my kids read this!!!] On a more serious note.........................