Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Beginnings

Today is the "First Day of the Rest of my Life."
If I don't start a blog now, then when?? I
am using my picture of me when I was a
Fairy God Mother for Halloween. At work at
JCPenney's, we had to dress up and this is
what I chose one year. Since I am
a grandmother 8 times over, I prefer to
be known as the Fairy Grand Mother. [We will see how many of my kids read this!!!] On a more serious note.........................


  1. awesome. I think the bee hive is referring to your great pink beehive hairdo!

  2. Way to take the plunge, start your own blog and go for it! I'm proud of you--love your costume! Quite original. Will look forward to more additions to the Queen Bee's hive .........

  3. It's about time you started a blog!!! I think of you often and hope everything is going well. My blog is--- www.skousenseven.blogspot.ocm
    Come on over for a visit. Love ya

  4. Sorry that should be .com
    BTW this is Wendy

  5. Thanks for all the interest from everyonein my first 3 hours of blogging!!

  6. i like the name of your blog--really creative! it will be fun to see what you post. i have a picture of you that same day in that costume holding abigail on her first halloween :) ahh, memories...

  7. Nice blog--how about some more posts :)

    Thanks Linda, by the way for the baby clothes you sent down with my mom last month. People have been so generous with us by giving us so many clothes that we haven't had to spend one penny on clothes yet!

  8. This is very PINK! But, it's good to see you on the blog! :)